It was all super amazing and Elliot had a smashing time. All the staff were great and Freddie was very good with the children. Food was all yummy. Another very successful birthday! Thank you for all your help over the year with organising everything.

Our party was absolutely brilliant - thank you. Everything went SO smoothly. All our friends and family enjoyed it immensely. Aidan and Sophie were superb and were very attentive to our wishes. Please pass on our thanks. In fact, all the staff were warm and friendly and eager to please, from the receptionists to the housekeeping staff. Thank you for organising everything for us Charlotte. We are thinking forward to any future dates where another such celebration is justified!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for a wonderful party on Saturday at the Essex. Sophie was really fantastic and the party was a big success. The food was so good and it really was a great day. Thank you to you all and we will certainly be using you again in the future as it was a fantastic venue.

Myself and the girls absolutely loved the evening; thank you. The food, disco, booth and music were all fabulous and my staff said it was up there with one of the best Christmas dos we’ve had so thank you.

I recently won the Summer Singles and Turkey Trot and my handicap has dropped from 24 to 18. I have had encouragement from other members, the coaching staff and management. Having lessons at The Essex has really helped my golf.

Tim G

Although I have been a member of the Club for many years, in recent times my main aim has been to keep my body supple & strong. With the help & guidance of staff I am now doing yoga classes alongside workouts in the Gym. I also swim. This has given me a huge sense of wellbeing together with a much more positive outlook on life.

Margaret S

Having had a heart attack when I was 44, it has been important to improve my fitness, reduce weight and eat healthily as I get older. Visits to the gym, with regular reviews and advice from the instructors, controlled exercise routines involving machines and weighs, reduced my weight from 75kg to 68kg and improved my fitness enormously. The above results have allowed me to become more active outside the gym and even cycle on some of the UK’s velodromes!

Rodney S

Since joining The Essex I have achieved a 6 stone weight loss. Now my goal is to lose another 2 stone and tone up. I train in the gym 5 times a week with a combination of weight training and cardio, and completely changed my diet.

Charli D

My aim when joining was to lose weight and keep fit. I attend the gym 3 times a week and sometimes do a spin class too. To date I have lost approximately 2 stone and my fitness levels have really improved.

Graham T

I am a regular gym and group fitness user and I needed a hip replacement 18 months ago. One of the Wellness Advisors in the gym put together a programme following the op and since then my mobility has really improved. I now go to Spin to help my hip and can exercise without pain.

John S

My fitness levels have improved so much! When I joined I couldn't walk to the end of the road without being out of breath, but this year I walked to the top of a mountain in Northern Ireland! I also dropped 3 trouser sizes. I am eating healthier and have regular gym reviews and fantastic support from the Wellness team.

Melanie F

My goal was to add muscle mass and tone in my upper body that I had lost when I stopped playing football. I have a workout which includes chest and back, legs and shoulders and arms. I train 4-5 times a week with heavy weight and low repetitions. My timescale was a year but I have seen significant results in 6 months that I am very happy with!

Terry R

I train 3-4 times per week as well as using the gym and sauna. So far I have dropped my weight from 18 ¼ st to 15st 6lbs in 3 months. I achieved this with the valuable help of the trainers who put my workout together to push me along. They give me great support - thank you!

Karl M

I have been a member for over 20 years. I had a car accident when I was 18 years old and damaged my spine, and I exercise to keep my body supple so the arthritis in my spine does not fuse. I attend the gym 3 times per week and have had treatment on my back since my 30s. Recently I was told that without this treatment and training I would almost certainly have been in a wheel chair for the last 20 years. I have had constant encouragement from the gym staff who have kept me going with a positive attitude and regular reviews.

Judith H

I was suffering from bulging discs and needed to increase my core strength. I spoke to the gym staff who set up the right programme for me.After just 2 months my back has improved loads!

Danielle T

I have been a member of The Essex since 1996. It was the studio classes and the friendliness of the staff that attracted me to the club back then and it’s still the same today. In fact, it’s the buzz and the variety of classes, and the wonderful instructors that inspire me to be there most days! That, and of course the fact that I have made some amazing friends along the way. Some days I do pure cardio in a Spin class, followed by weight training in Body Pump, and others it’s time for stretching and relaxation by attending Yoga, Pilates or Body Balance. I love it all and it keeps me in my favourite jeans! I am asked what my goal is and the answer is simple – to stay healthy and have fun! And how do I do that? I exercise to great music in a fabulous environment, maintain a healthy weight and have a ball all at the same time! I achieve this every time I am at the Essex. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

Dawn H

I recently rejoined the gym and golf club to improve my fitness and help my golf in the long-term. I go to the gym 4/5 times a week before work (which starts at 8am). I have been doing this for over a year now and I feel fitter, stronger and healthier. My golf is improving too!

Dean G

I wanted to lose 16 pounds between January and March for a holiday. I set up a training programme with my Wellness Advisor after explaining my goal. My programme included 3 hour-long gym sessions per week. I also changed my diet, cut out all high fat foods and reduced my calorie intake. After 8 weeks I got to my goal weight early so booked another review and changed my training programme with the goal to maintain my weight but to increase muscle mass.

James P