Golf Tip of the Month: Bunkers

Aug 21, 2018 16:032 months ago

Make bunkers your strength, not your nemesis! This is a great drill to improve your bunker play.

Take a small towel and place it in the bunker. Put a ball 3 inches in front of the towel.

Remember the following important set up points:

a) Ball position opposite your left heel
b) Left foot turned out towards the target
c) Weight 70% on your left leg
d) Shaft of the club neutral (not leaning too far forward)
e) Good strong posture

Then take a half to three quarter backswing.

On impact, make sure you strike the sand AFTER the towel but BEFORE the ball. If you hit the towel it means you have leant back and are attempting to help the ball up, which isn’t your job.

Hit down and let the loft of the club hit the ball up in the air.

To be a good bunker player you must hit down, hitting the sand before the ball and creating a divot the size of a £5 note.

Follow through - commit to a good solid finish and watch the ball fly high and stop quickly on the green.

Now enjoy hitting the best bunker shots of your life!