Golf Tip of the Month: Hitting Consistent Shots

Aug 29, 2017 12:311 year ago

Hitting the ground before the ball or indeed thinning your iron shots can cause misery on the golf course. Under pressure you will find that you will do this more often. This usually occurs because you are trying to lift the ball in the air.

The problem is that the club is hitting the floor in the wrong place, usually too far behind the ball or before impact.

You need the club to hit the floor after it has contacted the ball if you are to hit consistent, powerful iron shots.

Try adding some weight to your left side at address.

Place approximately 55% of your weight into your left side and feel you are slightly leaning left.

Take a look at the picture below - the yellow line indicates the weight being left.

Keep your weight there as you make your backswing and increase it on the downswing. This will encourage the club to swing in a downward fashion through impact.

The goal is to hit the ball first, then take a tiny divot. Try this and I'm sure you'll be hitting cleaner more powerful iron shots in no time.

But don't forget to replace your divot!