Golf Tip of the Month: Overcoming Bunkers

Oct 3, 2017 09:371 year ago

As I'm sure you already know, getting out of a bunker is never quite as simple as taking a 60 degree wedge, closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

You need to think less about the loft stamped on the bottom of the club, as well as your set-up.

Seve Ballesteros used to hit the prettiest bunker shots you'll ever see with a 3 iron, due to his ability to play around with loft. Now it's time to make some of your own...

Set up to the ball as you would normally. Then, widen your stance, bend your knees (more than normal), and play the ball further forward in your stance, whilst aligning your feet left of the flag stick for right handed golfers (or right of the flag stick for left handed golfers).

Now, you're going to have lost some of your ability to pivot, so you'll need to make up for this by creating speed with your hands and wrists.

With an open club face, take your club head back – concentrating on putting more emphasis on using your wrists than you would normally. Then as you complete your down-swing, you should feel as if you're cutting across the ball (we want this). You'll want your club head to enter the sand from an inch or two behind the ball. Maintain a shallow angle of attack – you don't want to dig in, you want the club head to come out the other side once the ball is in flight.

Now, marvel as onlookers ask you about your bunker game.

Ultimately, the more you practice this technique, the more you will be able to play around with what works best for you in each situation.