Exercise of the Month: Decline Push Up

Mar 5, 2018 13:118 months ago

A push up (or press up) teaches your muscles to work in coordination, and strengthens your upper body and core. The beauty of this exercise is that it can be done just about anywhere.

It’s good to add in variations to the regular push up, to keep you motivated and ensure you continue to challenge your body. One such variation is the decline push up, which targets your upper chest and the front of your shoulders more than a regular push up performed on a flat level.

To carry out a decline push up, elevate your legs on a surface and place your hands on the floor by your armpits and slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart. From this angle, you then perform a classic push-up movement by bending and extending your elbows.

Perform the decline push up in addition to a regular push-up — as well as with other chest exercises — to get the most well-rounded chest development.